11 New Judges Added to Patent Appeals Board

united states patentThe United States Patent & Trademark Offices (USPTO) has just added eleven new judges to it’s Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences. The appointment of these new judges is a result of the America Invents Act passed last year, an initiative by the U.S. government to expedite the patent process for new ideas and technology.

The new judges below took the oath of office on June 8th, 2012 at the USPTO office in Alexandria, Va.

  • Rama Elluru
  • John Evans
  • Larry Hume
  • Ulrike Jenks
  • Hyun Jung
  • Brett Martin
  • John Martin
  • Brian McNamara
  • Annette Reimers
  • Sheridan Snedden
  • Michael Strauss

Congratulations to the newest members of the USPTO team! These new team members will contribute to reducing the amount of time required for post pendancy litigation.