Do you have Patent Protection?

press release megaphoneIf you have patent protection on your new invention idea, then it is time to start marketing!  The key to any good marketing campaign is to get as much exposure as you can for your new product.

A great way to expose your product to the masses is a press release.  A press release is a short, objective overview of your product and what it does.  The objective of a press release is to give an unbiased informative description without any marketing hype.  This information can then be discussed and publicized by news sources and publications (including blogs) which can add their opinions while spreading the word of your invention.

This exposure makes people aware of your invention and gets attention of manufacturers and distributors looking for new products to sell.

There are many great, free  outlets for releasing press releases including!   You can publish your release at multiple sites and even send them to print publications for circulation.  Sending the release to many quality publishers will make sure everyone hears about your new product and how it can help them.  To post a press release on  Just visit our Press Release page to start writing new releases today.

In addition to press releases, you should also have promotional material for your patented invention.  This includes brochures, videos, and webpages.  These materials will create “hype” for your new product and are meant to entice others to invest in or buy your product.

It is important to highlight the major features of your product and focus attention on what makes your idea unique.  Too much information can be overwhelming and can sometimes turn a client off.  Give just enough information to draw excitement (and a phone call!).

Their are many websites that offer free hosting for personal use, however most assign you a long url that is not personalized and is difficult to remember. recognized that their were no good solutions for the inventor community, and has thus create the invention listings page.

With a free registration from, inventors can create and edit their own product pages.  Each product is given a short and simple web address – easily shared with clients and investors.  Read more at Post Your Invention Online.