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Great Invention Idea?

Protect your invention - before someone else does!

Don't make the mistake so many would-be inventors do! If you have a new idea or an improvement on an existing product, you need to claim your rights before someone else does.

Invents Company, LLC can help you get patent protection for your invention idea. We are a product development firm that assists inventors like you in protecting, developing, and marketing new products.

Invents Company is right for you if . . .

  • You have a new invention idea that needs patent protection. With Invents Company, you will work directly with a registered and experienced patent attorney to properly protect your idea.

  • You have a "rough" idea that needs further development into a refined product, ready for store shelves. Our product development team will work with you to perfect your idea into a marketable product.

  • You are interested in having your product licensed and produced by a manufacturer. Invents Company will present your idea to manufacturers and negotiate a licensing agreement on your behalf.

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Invents Company Testimonials

“I am thrilled to finally have the ability to tell my friends and family about my idea and even better - show them my commercial!” - Paul H.

“I was surprised at how Invents took my idea from literally a rough sketch on a notepad to a product that you would see in stores. Awesome work guys!” - Anne B.

“Seeing my product on TV was just awesome! Thanks to everyone at Invents for helping me bring it to market, I look forward to starting new projects with you!” -Rich M.