Free Invention Kit

Many companies selling invention and patent related services offer a free invention kit, free inventor’s kit, or free patent kit.  The value of said kits of course depend on the company making the offer, but most have the same essential components.

If the company is a reputable source, the purpose of these kits are two fold.  First and foremost, the kit will outline important first steps for new inventors.  This may entail documents that help the inventor accurately and properly define their invention and create a written record of it’s inception and progression.

A free invention kit will often include a “Testimonial of Invention”.  This document outlines everything you need to properly record your invention’s inception.  It will give you a great addition to include with your Invention Notebook.

Free Invention kits(or free inventor kits) may also include forms instructing you on how to properly form a business for your new invention.  This may entail creating a LLC or filing a DBA.

The secondary function of a free invention kit is to present you with more information about the offering company and it’s services.  Remember, nothing is absolutely free!  Advertising is not necessarily bad, and you can easily filter through the flashy brochures and reap the benefits of the free information without spending a dime.

Remember, there are good companies out there that can legitimately help your cause.  Just do your research before signing up with anyone!  Signing up for multiple “Free Invention Kits” is encouraged – shop around if you are interested in such services and enjoy the free documentation from these free kits.