How to Patent an Invention

It is possible for anyone to create the next big idea with some basic knowledge on how to patent an invention.

Taking your invention from an idea to a reality is the challenge, but the first step is to figure out whether you have an invention idea that will be marketable.

Many great inventions are not entirely new ideas but rather improvements on other inventions. For this reason, you shouldn’t get too discouraged if in the course of research you find that a similar idea to yours has already been patented.

This is a good indication that there is a market for your product, and should encourage you to find ways to distinguish your idea from the competition. Also keep in mind that when your family and friends get excited over your invention idea, it can be easy to lose your common sense and ignore some of the hard realities of the market.

The real test of your product’s marketability and success is whether customers will actually buy and use it.

Invention patent services can help guide inventors through the complicated patent application process. Some services, for example, can help refer inventors to a licensed patent lawyer who can do a preliminary patent search and offer opinions on the viability of the invention to obtain a patent.

The attorney may also prepare and file the patent application with the USPTO on behalf of the inventor.

Many patent services and invention marketing services offer no advice to inventors on whether or not their idea is eligible for a patent, because this type of advice can only come from a licensed patent authority. All legal questions are therefore referred to an attorney or agent.

Rather, invention and patent services assist inventors by helping them to submit their ideas to companies and to review any interest that these companies may express.