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The Hair It Is/EZ Part would be produced in silicone rubber and hard molded plastic, and would be a one-size-fits-all product for professional and household use; and the Hair It Is/EZ Part would be produced in several variations: one for fine hair, one for medium hair, and one for thick hair. Th
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Fabricated of a durable plastic material, the Grip Bottle EZ could be basically rectangular in shape. Measuring approximately eleven and one half inches (11½”) in length and one half to one and one half inches (½”-1½”) in width, the unit could be slightly curved to provide ample space for
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The Chill Breakers would be fashioned from a durable, clear plastic material, and would feature a distinct, sharp “C” shape on each side. Moreover, the shape and material would be aerodynamic, accommodating any wind speeds a cyclist may encounter. A simple hinge mechanism would allow the C
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