Spot Dip Sauce Clip

A Specially Designed Receptacle for Dipping Sauces

The Spot Dip Sauce Clip is a specially designed receptacle for dipping sauces when they are consumed in an automobile. The design intent of the Spot Dip Sauce Clip is to provide a convenient, secure holder for these condiments when it is necessary to eat while on the go.

Features & Benefits

The Spot Dip Sauce Clip involves a handy receptacle, specially designed for securing sauces, that clips directly onto the steering wheel of an automobile. Made of a durable plastic material and featuring an adjustable anchor that readily accommodates any steering wheel size, the Spot Dip Sauce Clip would offer several removable attachments that have a variety of shapes that can be applied or removed for the various configurations of sauces offered by different restaurant chains. These receptacles would boast pieces that provide an open bottom for containers (allowing easy removal when finished), as well as bases for condiments that come in packets, such as ketchup and salad dressing, that can then be directly squeezed into the Spot Dip Sauce Clip . For optimal usage, the Spot Dip Sauce Clip would possess two distinct settings: lock mode and axle mode. With lock mode, the holder would be locked into place, and would be an ideal setting when driving for long distances with little to no turning of the steering wheel required. Conversely, axle mode would be preferred for active steering while navigating city and town streets. This mode would operate on a spring mechanism, which allows the receptacle to remain in an upright position regardless of steering wheel movement. Attractive as well as practical, the Spot Dip Sauce Clip would be offered in a variety of colors and styles to match an auto’s interior or to simply appeal to individual tastes.

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