Water Watch Dog

An Attachable Water Temperature Gauge and Alert System

The Water Watch Dog is an attachable water temperature gauge and alert system designed to determine and display water temperature at the tap and issue an audible alarm should the water temperature exceed the designated setting in the device. The design intent is to display the temperature of the water dispensed from the faucet as well as alert the user of the possible danger of a water scalding incident should the water exceed the temperature programmed by the user.

Features & Benefits

Designed for home as well as commercial applications, the Water Watch Dog is a self contained device containing a water temperature sensing device, an LED readout of the temperature (which will shut off when faucet is off), an audible alarm component which is triggered by the detection of water temperature higher than the threshold setting, and a mechanism to allow the threshold temperature setting to be set and adjusted as needed for the application at hand such as bath water (lower temperature) versus water for floor cleaning (higher temperature). The LED readout and alarm would be battery powered and, as mentioned, would automatically power off when the water is turned off. The Water Watch Dog would be configured to fit almost any standard tap water faucet and could be configured to fit shower and bath faucets as well. Easily attached by most anyone, the Water Watch Dog would not require installation by a professional plumber as it would either simply screw on, or snugly fit, onto the faucet head. The Water Watch Dog is a cleverly designed safety product which would warn users and alert them to the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet. The Water Watch Dog would prove an invaluable safety device where water temperature is critical and risk of scalding is high such as when bathing infants and children and the elderly, in hair salons, pet grooming salons, hospital/nursing home patient bathrooms, and more. With the adjustable temperature threshold setting, one could designate a temperature in a kitchen, and perhaps designate a lower temperature threshold in the bathroom shower. In addition to alerting a user if the water is in a dangerous temperature range, the unit could also be set to alert the user when the preferred temperature of the water is reached. In this manner, instead of having to periodically check water temperatures by hand, risking touching water that is either too cold, or too hot, the Water Watch Dog would easily determine the temperature for the user, alerting them when the set temperature is reached. Offering a much needed aid in maintaining safe hot water temperature and distribution, the Water Watch Dog is sure to receive an enthusiastic market response.

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