Toy Vehicle Sweeper

Toy cleans floor while child plays!

Does your young child spill food, snacks, and other debris on the floor only to play in the mess a few minutes later? Why not give them the means to clean while they are playing!

Features & Benefits

The Toy Sweeper is a product engineered to look like a common toy your child would play with, for example a truck or piece of farm equipment. The difference between this toy and all others is the Toy Sweeper has a built in "manual sweeper". This allows the child to play blissfully unaware they are helping their parents pick up!

When a child pushes the Toy Sweeper the manual sweeper mechanism engages and begins sweeping dirt and debris into the easily removable container bin. Once the container bin is full, the parent can remove the bin, open the lid and dispense the debris into the garbage.

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