Invents Company New Product Approach

Invents Company, LLC is a world leader in assisting independent inventors with overcoming the traditional headaches and hassles associated with introducing a new product to market. Our customized Marketing Matrix utilizes creative promotional tools and techniques in an attempt to obtain a good faith review from interested manufacturers. To get start with Invents Company, request one our Free Invention Kits today!

Patent Assistance & Protection

Invents Company will help you protect your invention idea through our patent referral program. You will work directly with a qualified, experienced patent attorney to obtain the right protection before we begin marketing your new product to manufacturers.

Product Design & Visualization

Even if your product or concept is just an idea our experienced graphic artists will produce professional renderings for your approval. These renderings not only depict your invention, they also show its clever features and demonstrate functionality.

TV Commercial Production & Airing

The most exciting component of our marketing strategy is the production of a custom television commercial featuring High Definition 3D animation. The commercial highlights your invention with professional narration and utilizes toll free phone numbers for tracking purposes. After airing, your commercial and test marketing information can be accessed via your Client Web Portal.

Press Releases and Publicity

We will prepare a professional press release which describes your invention, includes key features and highlights potential customers or market segments. Our aggressive PR efforts include distribution to newspapers, magazines, major search engines and thousands of journalists/bloggers! In addition, press releases are published on the Invents Company web site.

3D Printing and Model Building

In certain cases, committed manufacturers or serious licensees require 3D printing or models for inspection or evaluation, Our cutting edge prototyping facility allows us to build three dimensional composite resin models directly from your completed Virtual Model.

Prospective Licensee List

Utilizing our proprietary database of 25,000+ worldwide manufacturing contacts, your assigned Licensing Agent will compile a custom list of prospective companies who may have interest in your invention. Every company on your Prospective Licensee List will be presented with a comprehensive Inventor’s Package which is prepared on your behalf.

Royalty Management and Monitoring

Invents Company, LLC takes great steps to ensure that the potential company licensing our client’s product honors the terms of the licensing agreement and pays the agreed upon royalties. We will periodically inspect their books and/or visit their production facilities to verify proper and accurate royalty payment.