Martin Jetpack Brings Personal Aviation to New Height

Christchurch, New Zealand – Jetpack developer Martin Aircraft Company have successfully tested their new jetpack.  The device reached 5000 ft at a climb rate of 800ft per minute, shattering the previous record of 50ft at 100ft per minute.  After reaching the peak altitude the pilot successfully deployed the ballistic parachute – a safety feature other jetpacks have lacked until now.
The test flight lasted just under ten minutes over the Canterbury Plains.  The Jetpack’s inventor Glenn Martin said “This successful test brings the future another step closer”.  The company hopes the newest snapshot of the Jetpack’s development generates new excitement for the project.  The invention was first introduced to the public in 2008 at the Oshkosh Air show and touted breakthrough advances in jet pack technology.  At that time the previous record for flight duration was only 26 seconds – the Martin Jetpack was able to stay airborne for up to half an hour.
Interested general aviators and governments alike  are anxiously awaiting the international launch of the product, even at a hefty projected price tag of $100,000 per unit, sales are expected to represent a major source of export income for New Zealand.  Among the expected initial customers are military procurements and emergency response teams.   The extremely small profile of the unit allows the aircraft to land and fly in areas to dangerous for helicopters.  Both manned and unmanned versions will be made available, expanding it’s use for military and government operations.