The Stir Up Cup ...

… provides easy stirring of any additive to a hot or cold beverage

CLIFTON, NJ—Mixing and stirring favorite items into a drink can be problem but, not when using the Stir Up Cup. This new device is designed for everyone who enjoys a hot or cold beverage with a sweetener, milk, or syrup added to the contents. The Stir Up Cup is a specially designed beverage cup, the interior base of which boasts a manually-operated stirring mechanism incorporated into its design. It features a removable grill, locked into place, to protect the stirring blades from ice in cold beverages with the design intent to provide users a practical means of expertly stirring cream, sugar and other flavorings or additives without requiring the user to remove the lid and employ a spoon or stir stick.
The Stir Up Cup is the best possible way to blend one’s beverage. It is a disposable cup and manufactured of food-safe, sanitary paper or plastic material. It is available for use in coffee shops, restaurants and similar food and beverage establishments. It can be offered for sale. Reusable plastic Stir Up Cups can also be produced. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Stir Up Cup.
The Patent Pending Stir Up Cup was invented by Fabian Zolorzano and Yolanda Irizarry of Clifton, NJ who said, “Blending one’s favored additives can be messy, but that doesn’t happen when using the Stir Up Cup.  It thoroughly mixes all the ingredients without having to use either a spoon or stir stick.”
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