The Cold Weather Safety Jacket ...

provides built-in safety and insulation for ample warmth in cold weather climates.


LINDEN, NJ—Attention outdoor workers! Tradesmen/women who work at certain elevations will view this new Cold Weather Safety Jacket with deep appreciation recognizing the need for such a garment. It is both warm and safe for the user. The Cold Weather Safety Jacket is the first of its kind to offer the security of a safety harness and warmth of a jacket all-in-one. The Cold Weather Safety Jacket is more than just a jacket.

The webbed nylon safety harness is triple-stitched to be directly incorporated into the jacket. Designed to be both lightweight and durable, the jacket is made from a strong, flexible, water/flame resistant canvas and thermal insulation with a removable interior zipper lining. It has four exterior and two interior pockets conveniently placed for easy accessibility, along with two additional lower interior pockets to store the leg harness when it is not in use. The Cold Weather Safety Jacket was designed with the worker in mind. Results from a previously completed televised marketing test have indicated exceptional consumer interest in the Cold Weather Safety Jacket.


The Patent  Pending Cold Weather Safety Jacket was invented by Enrique Zuniga of Linden, NJ who said, “I manage a construction company and realize how important safety is for the men or women on the job. The Cold Weather Safety Jacket was designed with the safety of workers in mind and is perfect for all those whose work requires them to be at elevated heights, sometimes facing the most severe weather conditions, including roofers, construction workers, Linemen/Power-line Technicians (PLT), window cleaners and more. This jacket provides the convenience of safety and warmth all in one. At the end of the day we all want to go home to our families.”

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