Ode to Les Paul – Guitarist and Inventor

As you may have noticed, Google.com has posted an interactive guitar widget as their “logo of the day” to honor Les Paul – who passed away in August of 2009.  Lester William Polsfuss, or “Les Paul”,  was a famous guitarist and inventor.  His contributions to the music industry are legendary, most notably his innovative developments of the solid-body electric guitar.
Although Les Paul was not the first on the electric guitar scene, his approaches to overdubbing,  phasing effects, multi-track recording, and delay effects were the first to attract the public’s eye.  He was also an inventive guitar player, developing many new styles and techniques on instrument.  Les Paul was, and still is,  a legend in the industry and is one of very few artists with a permanent display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  He would have turned 96 this year – Rest in peace Les Paul.