Patent Issued for New Wireless Medical Technology

B Braun has received a patent on their innovative wireless communications technology for medical devices which enhance the data transfer capabilities between the firm’s smart pump lines and information management systems.

The company announced its patent acquisition just recently, although the patent was issued in April, 2011. US Patent No. 7,933,780 was granted to the firm and two additional patent applications are still pending, all related to the company’s bedside medical device applications.

The patent applies to the B Braun Space Infusion Pump System and the Outlook Safety Infusion System, which are two lines of smart pump products designed to make the job of clinician’s simpler. The new patent adds to the company’s already expansive patent portfolio.

The patent covers wireless communication between IV pumps and hospital IMS systems. The company also makes innovative products like NuTRIflex Omega, which is a fish oil bag that helps patients avoid malnutrition while they are in the hospital.

The new patent, which relates to bedside point-of-care devices, helps to automate the communications between these devices and hospital IMS systems which helps to reduce the workload on clinicians.The patent helps to protect this innovative technology by strengthening the ownership rights of B Braun, as well as broadening the company’s existing patent portfolio.

B Braun is known as a leader in the manufacture of infusion therapy, pain management, infection prevention and medical safety technology. They create products that help to reduce errors in medical practice and improve efficiency to achieve environmental sustainability goals.

B Braun employees are also known for sharing their best practices with their customers to improve the overall working conditions in hospitals and medical practices they partner with. The latest patented technology is a good example of their approach to medical automation as a way of improving the accuracy and efficiency of medical practice.