Apple Responds to Lodsys Patent Infringement Claims

Earlier this month, patent holder Lodsys, LLC sent letters to individual App developers informing them that they were infringing on a patent held by the company, and demanded compensation or face legal action. The company claims that developers are illegally using an “upgrade” button in there programs that allows users to change from a free trial version to the fully functioning paid version.
Apple has told it’s app store contributors not to worry. In a public letter issued to Lodsys, Apple has stated that it’s licensing agreement with Lodsys, LLC allows developers to use the technology without repercussions.
Although it is becoming standard practice for patent trolls to attack large organizations like Google and Microsoft, it is unusual to see a patent firm attacking smaller companies.
Lodsys has not responded to Apple’s letter or the backlash from the Apple community, but Apple’s general counsel, Brue Sewell, is confident that the license held by Apple will protect App makers.