How to Choose The Right Patent Attorney

Having a registered patent attorney handling your patent application is something we consider essential.  Common questions from new inventors are how to choose the right attorney and who is the most affordable?

Shopping for an Attorney

We recommend not shopping for a patent attorney on price alone, there is no such thing as a cheap patent.  Price should only be considered after you have selected attorneys based on their expertise and their firm’s reputation.  That is not to say the most expensive attorney is the best, but rarely are the inexpensive options the route to take.   Remember, a patent’s value is directly related to how well it is written.  If your attorney fails to specify the proper claims for your idea, others can easily copy and sell your product.

Also a poorly written patent can cost you time and money if it refused by the patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  When researching a patent attorney, inquire how many products they have written applications for and how many patents have been granted for applications they have written.

Patent Attorney Qualifications

Many attorneys have a background in a particular field of engineering or some kind of scientific background.  While this is not a requirement, choosing an attorney that has studied in your particular field is helpful when drafting your patent. The attorney will be able to grasp your invention’s concept and it’s advantages much quicker if they are familiar with the industry.  If they are not familiar with the field, they must be willing to do the appropriate research to adequately protect your product.

Try to get a feel for how attentive your potential attorney is when discussing their services.  You want an attorney that really listens to your ideas and is engaged in your product.  If they are not interested in details regarding your idea, you are probably not going to get the service you desire throughout the patent process.

Customer Service

Each patent application and idea are different, as such each requires individual attention in order to write the most effective and comprehensive application.  You also want an attorney that has competent customer service skills, don’t settle for someone who never takes or returns your calls.

Finally, be sure the attorney you speak with will be the one handling your case.  Often attorneys will hand cases to less qualified members of their firm, negating your efforts to find the best attorney to file your application.