Attention Manufacturers or Investors

invention partnerAre you an investor or manufacturer looking for your next product? We have new products ready for production in just about every industry. Our client’s have developed the product ideas you need to expand your presence in the U.S. marketplace.

We have new patent pending products available for licensing or buyouts- why spend exorbitant amounts of money on researching and developing new products when we provide all the innovation you need at such a low cost?

Invents Company, LLC matches inventors with companies interested in licensing or buying their inventions. We have a fully staffed licensing department dedicated to researching and developing partnerships with companies like yours in order to bring our client’s products to market.

Our experienced licensing department also ensures you have a easy, fair, and straightforward licensing agreement with the inventor. Invents Company licensing agents make sure our clients receive fair compensation, and prevent you from “haggling” with individual inventors.

When you join the Invents Company database, you get access to thousands of new, cutting edge products outlined in vivid detail with CAD drawings, virtual and rapid prototypes, web pages, and video commercials.

  • Fair Licensing Terms
  • Quality Product Ideas
  • Streamlined Negotiation
  • 24/7 Licensing agents
  • Products Added Daily
  • Free Registration

Our client’s bring us new inventions every single day. With an Invents Company registration, you will get an update from us whenever an inventor with an invention relative to your industry is ready to license. These virtually real time updates keep you on the bleeding edge of your industry and allow your company to emerge as an industry leader.

The best part about joining Invents Company is that it is absolutely FREE for U.S. Manufacturers. All you need is a Federal Tax Identification number to get started. Our agents will then verify your company’s legitimacy, and add you to our database of trusted manufacturers.

After the licensing agents have confirmed your company’s identity, you can then log in to our website and browse all our inventions by industry. Our licensing team will also contact you whenever there is a new invention that you might be interested in. You will never be charged for our services unless you wish to enter a licensing agreement or buy exclusive rights to an invention.

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