How to Sell My Invention to Companies

The basics of selling an invention to companies are relatively straightforward. Even with no sales experience, following a few simple steps can help get your product onto the market successfully. Selling is a skill which can be learned, and the inventor of a new product is perhaps best qualified to sell it thanks to their knowledge and passion.

However, there is a lot of preparation that goes into a successful marketing campaign and many inventors may decide it’s easier to seek the help of an invention marketing firm instead. Nonetheless, you should educate yourself on the best ways of introducing a new product into a competitive market, and learn the basics of developing a sales plan.

The first step in this process is creating demand for your invention from the grassroots. A successful sales strategy will build momentum from the ground up in an efficient and methodical way. This usually begins by marketing to independent retailers and then moving up to the mass-market chain stores.

Absolute beginners who are wondering “How can I sell my invention to companies?” should also consider joining an online forum which connects individuals and companies for the purpose of licensing, buying and selling ideas on new inventions, trademarks and patents. These networks can link inventors with manufacturers, investors and firms looking to buy patents.

There are billions of dollars worth of intellectual property currently up for sale on these online networks. One of the main features of these automated networks makes it easy to post multiple listings which remain in effect until your idea or patent sells. Buyers are able to purchase multiple inventions, and both buyers and sellers can easily update or modify their posts at any time. These networks usually offer lifetime membership and do not require renewal fees or commissions on the sale of intellectual property.
Invents is one of such networks.  We offer a variety of free services that give inventors the tools to start selling their inventions online and to communicate with other inventors in our forums.