How To Trademark a Name

When you trademark an invention name, you help to protect the name and logo of your invention along with your business venture. Trademarks are important for a number of reasons, and the first step in the trademark process is to search for similar trademarks and then apply for a trademark for your invention name.

Getting a registered trademark will help to protect the products and services you register, but experts recommend that you first consult with an attorney specializing in trademarks before filing an application.

This step can help you navigate the trademark application process and prevent problems with your trademark. It doesn’t make much sense to save a small amount of money on doing your own filing if it ends up costing you much more time and money in the future.

Trademarks for your invention are significant for several reasons. They can help you to build a brand for your product as well as protect your rights. A trademark is an inexpensive, simple way to add protection for your idea, and it is a great idea for those who plan to market their intellectual property.

A good trademark is considered to be a valuable asset in the marketplace, and in addition to a patent it can be very helpful for those who want to license their ideas.

A trademark can be a phrase, word, symbol or combination of all these which uniquely distinguishes and identifies the goods or services produced by an inventor or company. The trademark also offers protection for this word, phrase or logo from being copied by others.

Some examples of popular trademarks for invention names include “Coca Cola”, which is the famous soft drink, and the “iPad” also has a trademark for its name which Apple had to buy from Fujitsu in order to use it for its world renowned tablet.