The Invents Company Process

Invents Company, LLC has the experience and resources to bring your invention idea to market. Our unique approach to the invention development and marketing process gives Invents Company inventors a distinct edge over their competition.

Introducing a new product to market is not easy, but Invents Company has talented professionals that can help you through each step of the invention process.

Our program gives you a clearly defined outline of everything you need to be a successful inventor and provides you with the resources to accomplish each step – From patent protection to product launch, Invents Company will be at your side.

  • Our steps
  • Television Exposure

    Our television production studio will truly bring your idea to life by creating a sizzling TV infomercial which will be aired on major market networks throughout the United States.

    Professional actors will work with the 3-D animation we created earlier to generate a high quality television commercial accompanied with a unique 800 number.

    This product “infomercial” will allow the general consumer to inquire about the product via our 24/7 call center. If your product generates enough interest, we will include the test market results with our presentation to manufacturers.

    Extensive Research

    If you decide to submit your invention idea to Invents Company, we will first thoroughly review the product’s potential and feasibility. If we decide it is a good match, we will begin our exhaustive and comprehensive research process. This involves researching answers to some very important questions, such as;

    • Who are the major player’s in your idea’s industry?
    • Is your idea in an industry that is growing rapidly?
    • How many potential manufacturers are there?
    • Does someone else own the rights to the idea?
    • How much will it cost to manufacture your idea?
    • How much will it sell for? In what stores can your idea be sold?
    • Who are the likely purchasers?

    Once we have collected all the data required, Invents Company and you can make informed decisions regarding the future of your invention idea and plot the best roadmap for success.

    Idea Development and Refinement

    Even if your idea is just a concept in your head, we will bring it to life by creating a computer generated 3-Dimensional, life-like Virtual Model which we will use to create a 3D animated television commercial. You will work directly with our Art Department to generate graphics that accurately depict your invention idea as you envision it.

    Once your virtual prototype is complete is complete, we will create an Invention Brochure. This brochure or “sell sheet” will give manufacturers a quick overview of your product’s function and highlight important features. We then user your 3-D graphics, infomercial, and brochure to create a cutting edge Personalized Product Web Page.

    All of these will be used to gain the attention of the major player companies in your idea’s industry. Each company we contact will be presented with your marketing materials and a customized “pitch” that will sell the major advantages of your idea.

    Patent Protection

    Though our Patent Referral Program, one of our preferred Patent Attorneys/Agents will take all steps necessary to obtain whatever level of Patent or Trademark protection is needed for us to safely promote your invention in front of the mass consuming market.

    Use of the patent and trademark laws is intended to ensure that you become the true “owner” of your idea. You cannot sell or market a new product idea unless you legally own the rights to the invention. It is of utmost importance that you keep your invention idea confidential until you receive patent pending status!

    Once you have proper patent protection, Invents Company can start moving forward with the marketing and licensing stages of the invention process.

    Media and Publicity

    Our press agents and media gurus will create targeted press releases about you and your invention, and distribute them to newspapers, magazines, major search engines, journalists/bloggers opt-in news subscribers and social media in order to draw as much attention as possible to your invention idea.

    We carefully monitor your customized publicity campaign and submit detailed reports, outlining exactly who syndicated your release and through which channel. These results are uploaded to your client portal for you to view or download anytime.