Can Inventing Games be Profitable?

Your inventions don’t have to be for serious and boring applications. You can invent products that are fun and playful, such as toy and games. Inventing games can be profitable, and if your concept for a new board game or puzzle ends up getting sold around the world you can earn some serious money.

You can potentially get a lump sum payment of up to $60,000 depending on the type of contract you sign, and earn thousands per year for up to 5 years. Some of the most successful games have made their developers rich, but it obviously requires some work and a bit of luck as well.

It can take several tries to come up with a successful game idea but some inventors are able to have success with more than one idea over the years. When it comes to developing board games, it is easier to come up with profitable ideas in the area of conventional board games than in fancy, 3-D games like Mousetrap. One of the top selling games that turned the inventor into a millionaire includes the board game Monopoly.

Board games inventions are still big sellers, especially during the holiday season. You will notice when you walk into any toy shop the shelves are stocked with a wide variety of new board games each year along with the classic favorites.

You can create board games to appeal to every kind of audience and taste, from kids to adults. Many people who love to play board games may also come up with a great idea for a new board game.

Whether your game is based around an educational theme or a favorite hobby, there are many ideas that have yet to be developed. While it’s easy to convince yourself that your idea is surely the next Monopoly, there are only a few new games which end up becoming best sellers.