Eco Vision Gets Patent for Eco Jar

The California company Eco Vision has announced that they have received a patent on their design for a home compostable Eco Jar package. Utility patent #7.954,640 was granted to the Eco Jar, which is used by consumer brands including Organic Essence. Eco Vision had received an earlier patent on another design as well, known as the Eco Tube.

These designs help to meet rising demand for ethical consumer products with eco-friendly packaging solutions. Consumers seem to be impressed by the fact that the packaging is immediately compostable. It differs from other paper canister packaging in its design, which uses an innovative jar with a jar concept.

This design helps to provide superior protection for the contents and maintains product integrity better than competing packaging. The Eco Jar uses compostable coatings and barrier films which make it suitable for a wide array of products, including foods, personal care and cosmetics.

One of the first applications for the Eco Jar was as a biodegradable cosmetics jar. The patent award recognizes the superior product protection that the jar provides, which is essential for delicate products like cosmetics. The entire Eco Jar, including all labeling and adhesives, are 100% biodegradable and made from 100% certified recycled materials that can be printed with soy inks.

Organic Essence, the sister company of Eco Vision, uses the Eco Jar to package all of their cosmetic products which are also made from certified organic and fair trade products. The only downside of this packaging solution was its high production cost, due in part to antiquated production techniques and low volumes. To overcome this, the inventors created a new technology to simplify production and reduce costs for paper packaging solutions.

In 2010, the Green Packy Award was given to Eco Vision at the Natural Foods Expo. Eco Vision was also selected for the top spot of the Green Packaging sector at the 10th Annual International Package Design Awards.