Licensing Agreement Between Telemundo and Netflix

A licensing agreement between Netflix and Spanish language network provider Telemundo will result in 1,200 hours of streaming content for Netflix subscribers. The international distribution arm of Telemundo, NBC Universal’s Telemundo Internacional, agreed to provide the content to Netflix on a per year basis.

It will be accessible to Latin American Netflix subscribers via streaming, as part of Netflix’s Latin American expansion.

The company’s goal is to expand its services to 43 Latin American and Caribbean countries by year end. Netflix has already signed agreements with several of the other major Spanish language media giants in Mexico, including Televisa and TV Azteca.

The agreement with Televisa is a multi year deal which will provide3,000 hours of programming per year, while the deal with TV Azteca will provide 1,500 hours of content per year.

The licensing agreement between Telemundo and Netflix will benefit Latin American Netflix subscribers as they will gain access to hit programs from Telemundo Internacional such as the popular tele novela La Reina del Sur (The Queen of the South).

The Telemundo deal will provide over 1,200 hours per year of the top original Telemundo productions to Netflix. The Telemundo streaming is set to launch in Latin America later this year in the SVOD platform and all connected devices.

Telemundo officials said that they are proud to work with Netflix and that they are offering their full support behind the company’s international expansion plans. Telemundo executives are working with Netflix to provide the best content, and they are excited about the growth potential of the Netflix SVOD platform for their own expansion plans into all new media and other innovative broadcasting platforms.

The financial details of the licensing agreement were not disclosed, and Telemundo asserted that the agreement will be analysed every year that it is in effect.