More Informative Terror-Alert System

The current highly criticized color coded system for alerting Americans will be replaced next week.  The new program , the National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS), will provide a more specific detail about known credible threats and can be applied to localized locations such as hotels and airports.  The system will also make the information accessible from social media and will be updated every few weeks or as new information becomes available.  The distributed information can also be used to engage the public in assisting authorities, for instance finding a specific make and model of a vehicle.

The DHS and it’s efforts have been ridiculed since it’s inception following the Sept. 11 attacks.  The NTAS is a much needed replacement for the previous terror alert system which did not involve the public and was rarely ever updated.  In fact it remained at alert level “orange” for over five years.  The DHS hopes it’s newest attempt at keeping Americans safe is more successful and improves it’s public image.