Need Free Invention Help? provides free invention help for inventors.  Our goal is to help inventors achieve their invention related goals as smoothly and as affordable as possible.  We provide as much information as we can free of charge, but if you find yourself needing more invention help continue reading our shopping for invention help entry.

Shopping For Invention Help

There are free resources on the web for inventors to educate themselves, but there are some phases of the invention process that require contracted services.  With a plethora of companies that compete for the inventors business, it is hard to discern which is the best choice.

Sadly there are an abundance of companies that do not give anything for inventor’s investment.  They outnumber the “good guys” and bring the industry down leaving the inventor feel that there is no one that is trustworthy to help them.

There are legitimate organizations out there, although few and far between and it is very difficult to sort through the many options.  Many sites will give you advice on how to select the right provider, some red flags are large fees, low or no success rates, or a poor BBB rating.  While these can be good indicators, they are not necessarily all inclusive.

Developing a new product is a risky, expensive venture.  There is no way around it.  Basing a company’s credibility on a success rate is a poor standard – very few ideas outside of the invention promotion industry make it either.  A poor BBB rating or other negative credentials are a good indication on how the company values it’s clients and reputation.  A good grade here shows they are interested in resolving claims against them.

Review sites or forums are generally not a good resource for evaluating any product.  Most businesses have hundreds if not thousands of clients – and when was the last time you went online to post a positive review?  What are the chances that one or two clients out of thousands will not be happy with a product or service and say so online?  Add competing companies using black hat techniques, and you have many distorted online complaints.

We should be clear here – we do not promote or support invention marketing companies, as such we do not charge for our services or advertise any companies here.  We simply feel you should review each company in detail and be fair when choosing a provider.   Look at what services are outlined specifically in the contract.  This will give you legal recourse if the company does not fulfill it’s duties.

Ideally you want to find a company that will base it’s fees on commission or a share of the royalties, however depending on the quality of your idea, the contracted services, and the anticipated success of your idea, this may not always be possible.