Post Your Invention Online

post invention onlineIf you have a new product you are trying to launch, the most cost effective method available to you is online marketing.   Publicizing your invention online will expose your product to millions of internet users around the world.

No other medium will give you this kind of exposure, and at such a low cost – absolutely free!  There are many online venues where you can publish your ideas, including, we say post as often and as much as you can!  The more eyes that see your invention idea the better (provided you have patent protection).

To post your new invention idea on, simply log in or register using the form to the right.  You can then access your inventor homepage where you will be able to create and edit new product listings and press releases.

The best part is – all of these services are free.  There is absolutely no cost and your invention will be available online for anyone to view, anytime.  You can compliment your existing marketing efforts and add a website address to your business cards, brochures, and videos to direct investors on how to find out more information.