Invents Unveils The MicroVision Case …

… aids vison-impaired users in reading the cell phone display

BROOKLYN, NY—The MicroVision Case is a specially designed cellular smartphone case augmented with translucent, magnifying covers. The design provides vision-impaired consumers with a simple and effective means of enlarging displays on cellular telephones so that they are more easily seen. One can simply glance at the screen to see the display information clearly and accurately, without pause. The Magnifying Glass lens expands the size of even the smallest of fonts and projects the words and numbers so that they are easily caught by the eye of the cell phone user.
The MicroVision Case is rectangular and offered in sizes appropriate for any cell phone currently on the market. The durable plastic material fits snugly around the perimeter of the phone, providing a barrier of protection for the back and elevated security for the front. What sets the Magnifying Glass apart from the common case is its magnification which takes the form of a hinge around cover. The clear plastic firm of the cover had electrostatic capabilities facilitating a seamless fit over the display screen. This clear cover, infused with enlarged, aspheric lightweight lensing with protective Cera-tec® coating ranging from 4x to 6x magnification in order to accommodate varying levels of visual impairment, the user places the strip flush against the screen for complete coverage of the viewing area.
The MicroVision Case is Patent Pending and was invented by Anat Levy of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This case enhances the display screen on cellular smartphones. Users need only glance through the clear lens to see words and numbers expanded up to six times their normal size. It works perfectly for all users but particularly those who are visually impaired.”


EDITOR'S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invents Company. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at Invents Company Operations Center, P.O. Box 1682, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576    Tel: 212-620-2629    

Contact: Jeanne Nelson   Media Dept: 10803   (646) 503-4817

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