Sell Inventions

Long gone are the golden days when inventions were the outcome of a person’s fascination with a subject matter.  Inventions now today considered the vehicles that transport an inventor to higher socio-economic platforms, and provide job security.  Such a concept sounds highly unromantic, but it is the stark reality of commercialization extending an inextricable grip over everything.  “Sell my inventions”,  innovators order their marketing teams the moment they think they have a new product within their reach.

Patenting, promoting and selling of inventions is a competitive market, with every high flying marketer worth his salt pitching in to market a new commodity. The Internet has also been transformed into a gigantic, easily accessible market enabling the buying and selling of inventions.  Online and offline deals galore keep the  business thriving. However, there are a number of aspects that an inventor and marketing team need to address before selling an invention.

Economic gurus have been reported to voice dissent over the fact that most inventors seem to be investing too much time and money on acquiring a patent, and they then pay little attention to the selling of their inventions.

Those crying out “sell my inventions” must be familiar with market trends regarding their products, and must be aware of the asking and selling price for their brainchild.  Up-front payments running into sizeable figures are quite rare, and the inventor must be ready to accept any payments in the form of installments.

Also, selling inventions is a time-consuming process that is sometimes not worth the effort and money being invested in getting a patent for the product. Experts on the field have stated that they often witness investors spending considerable amount of money marketing their products, in vain. Thus the investor must be pragmatic in ascertaining the value of his/her product in the market.